Welcome to  Baldhead Designs!

The Bald head that creates all the creatures, characters and artwork of Baldhead Designs, belongs to me, Rich Appleby.


Due to the current UK Gov advice regarding COVID - 19 some products will have a longer than average wait time.

Based in my small studio in east London, I have spent the last year turning the doodles that often adorned, telephone books, exam papers and even the odd table or desk of my youth into Illustrations and art works designed to brighten walls or provide unique gifts.

The inspiration for the creatures and characters I create often come from spending time amongst the people of London, I can often be seen on my mobile studio….(Stall!) in one of the East end markets.

I try my best to protect the planet and so all my cards come with recyclable cellophane but can be requested naked if preferred. 


Get in touch.

Whether you're looking for a special birthday card or a print for your new home, I have a range of printed and hand drawn cards and prints available.


I also take orders for likeness cards and prints if you want a personalised surprise for someone you love, or yourself! Send me a few pictures and a brief description of the person to